Raising Beef in Oklahoma

Raising beef is a complex process, but throughout the entire journey, one thing remains constant – the shared commitment to raising cattle in a safe, humane and environmentally sustainable way by using the latest technology and resources. Currently, more than 700,000 cattle farms and ranches in the United States, with an average herd size of 40 cattle, produce 19 percent of the world's beef. Learn more about the people and the process involved in raising beef from the pasture to the plate.

Meet Northwest oklahoma rancher: Tom Fanning

The Fanning Family planted strong roots in the May, Oklahoma community so that their children, 4th generation on the ranch, can continue raising wholesome beef for their family and yours. 

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the oldest OKLAHOMA ranch under continuous family ownership

The Stuart family has diversified and met challenges ensuring the sustainability of their cow/calf option, which has  been in business for more than 148 years.

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Lemon-Pepper Seasoned Ribeye Fillets with Roasted Tomatoes

Let’s explore the essential function that safety plays across the beef lifecycle journey – from the cattle ranches across the U.S., to the meat processing plants, to your kitchen table.

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Cattle farmers and ranchers have many tools to keep the animals in their care healthy and safe, including nutrition programs, veterinary care, facilities that ensure comfort, and good management practices, such as low-stress handling, vaccines and antibiotics, when necessary. 

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Let’s explore how beef gets from pasture to plate, including what cattle eat and several popular breeds in the U.S.

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