Two worlds collide and meet in the big house in OKC!

Morgan Pfeiffer | April 4, 2019

Oklahoma City – Steven Adams spent Tuesday in the big house, but surprisingly he waswatching a steer show, not a basketball game. The Oklahoma City Thunder star visited over athousand youth from across the state exhibiting at the Oklahoma Youth Expo, the World’s Largest Junior Livestock Show.

“It is always exciting when someone from outside the agricultural industry come to see our youth and show their support,” said Kass Newell, Oklahoma Youth Expo Show Manager. “It’s even more exciting when it is someone as iconic as Steven Adams.”

Adams was a guest of the Oklahoma Beef Council through a year-long partnership with the nonprofit organization. He has been featured in various Facebook videos, billboards, and print advertisement across the state promoting beef and Oklahoma’s beef farming and ranching community.

Adams had never attended a livestock show and was very engaged in the work of the youth.

“He was really excited to see our animals and learn what all we did to prepare them for the show,” said Jax Watkins, Allen 4-H member. “He said he thought they were really pretty.”

“Steven has been a wonderful and unique representative for us,’ said Angie Meyer, chairman of the Oklahoma Beef Council. “We thought it was a great opportunity to bring both worlds, basketball and agriculture, together under one roof.”

After an exciting Tuesday filled with pictures and high-fives, Adams will return to the court Wednesday and the youth will return to the showring, all hoping to capture a win.