As a state with more cattle than people, the Oklahoma Beef Council is proud to promote the beef industry on behalf of beef and dairy producers who work hard every day to provide care to their animals and produce high quality beef.  Learn more about the Beef Checkoff and beef producer dollars are invested in beef demand building programs. 

THe beef checkoff explained

take a moment and check out this video series to learn more about the beef checkoff 

What does the Beef Checkoff do?

Learn about all the great things happening with your Beef Checkoff Dollars. 

HOw does the beef checkoff work

Learn how your Beef Checkoff dollars are collected and who decides how they are used.  

Key questions about the beef checkoff 

Many of your questions about the Beef Checkoff are answered in this video. 

Who decides what the beef checkoff funds

All who pay into the Beef Checkoff, including beef cattleman from Oklahoma, have a voice in how Checkoff dollars are used. Learn all about that decision process. 

Who does the beef checkoff support 

Learn about how the Beef Checkoff supports all those in the beef community.