Beef in the classroom Grants

OBC offers grants to Family and Consumer Sciences teachers and other teachers that offer opportunities to learn about cooking beef. The purpose of this program is to support the efforts of junior and senior high school instructors facilitating lessons on beef selection, storage, preparation & nutrition. This effort is made possible by Oklahoma cattle farmers and ranchers, through the $1 per head beef checkoff.


Grants are available to junior and senior high school Family & Consumer Science Classes for the purpose of educating students about beef.  The beef purchased will be used in a recipe of the teacher’s choice and prepared by the students in said cooking class.

Grants of up to $250 must be used for the purchase of BEEF.  Please note, the OBC will determine the grant amounts for each school. 

These lessons may include fresh, frozen, or heat-and-serve beef products. 

Once the application is received and reviewed, the OBC will notify award winners of approval and of the grant amount.  Any purchase that occurs before notification by the OBC, will not necessarily be honored. 

Application deadline is October 1st, 2023. Approval date no later than October 20, 2023 

Schools can also request educational materials pertaining to the beef industry at no additional cost, you can also download & print these materials & recipes from our website at (See links below) 

Funds are awarded on a reimbursement basis to the school – post cooking class.  

Activity must conclude no later than May 1, 2024. 

Receipts showing the purchase of beef must be included with the final report to secure reimbursement of awarded funds must be received by OBC post marked May 10, 2024.


Once you are approved for your grant and complete the beef lessons, complete this GRANT REPORT FORM and attach receipts and submit for reimbursement. 

If you have questions please email Sammy Head, [email protected]

Download Classroom Resources

In order to put more resources into our grants, we are not going to send out printed materials this year. But there are many great resources you can download here and use with your beef lessons. If you would like other resources, please call our office, 405-840-3777. 

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