Jeffries Land & Cattle Company

When it comes to breeding and raising cattle, Jerry and Patricia Jeffries, of Jeffries Land & Cattle Co., believe it all comes down to choice of breed and quality.

Jerry and Tricia raise Red Angus on their ranch near Checotah, focusing on improving the genetics of the cattle — and playing their part in helping feed the world.

Jerry is the third-generation rancher, and he takes great pride in the heritage of the land on which Jeffries Land & Cattle is located.

“I grew up right here where I live today,” shared Jerry. Jerry’s grandfather originally purchased the land, but it has grown and expanded. Today, members of the fifth and sixth generations live on the ranch.

Jerry is a 18-year member of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association where he’s held numerous roles within the Association, including two years as president. As it turns out, the cattle are just one of the energetic Jeffries’ businesses. He also owns a civil engineering company in Tulsa Oklahoma, Golden Field Services, which has projects throughout the US.

Meet Your Rancher:

Why Red Angus?

Red Angus is one of the premier cattle types in the world. We believe in the breed and its place in the global beef industry. We work hard to make sure our cattle meet the criteria and characteristics that help feed the world. We follow a strict culling process to maintain the high standard of cows that produce the type of bull we are proud to sell. This is required to satisfy the needs of every step in the production chain.

What sets your breeding program apart?

The breeding program is based only on quality and the needs of the future industry. As genetics evolve and types may change, we will continue to place our emphasis on the beef-industry traits that have carried us to our success: fertility, soundness, conformation, muscle, and style.

Jeffries is a member of the newly formed Legacy Genetics, a group working together to improve genetics with the goal of making Red Angus one of the most valued breeds on the market.

Tell us more about your annual auction.

Our highlight of the year comes the last Friday in September, when Jeffries Land & Cattle Co. holds its annual Bull and Female Sale. According to Jeffries, the sale continues to grow each year. “We sell bulls all over the United States and Mexico, and our females have been purchased by producers across the country in Canada. We start off on Thursday evening with several ag-related speakers and a prime rib dinner. Then, on Friday, we grill up burgers and all the fixings for lunch with the auction starting promptly at 12:30pm In addition to the annual sale, we offer private sales for producers who want to come to the ranch and pick out their bulls or heifers. We have cattle that are not quite ready for the September sale, so when they are ready, we then sell them privately.

What are some of the ways you give back, and why is that important to you?

Whether it’s arranging visits to the ranch or using our cattle to work with their judging teams, we support local FFA chapters any way we can. I feel very strongly about giving back to the youth programs that are developing the next generation of agriculture producers. We also hire FFA kids for part-time work in the summer. Without these guys, our operation wouldn’t be where it is today. They are hard workers and take pride in what we do here.

What can customers expect from Jeffries Land & Cattle Co.?

We offer a variety of customer service packages to meet the needs of large or small, commercial or registered cattlemen. With the experience of the past and the enthusiasm for the future, you can look for great things to come from our program.

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Jeffries Land & Cattle COMPANY

Checotah, Okla.


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