Oklahoma Local Beef Directory

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Rafter JM Cattle Co.

Jenny Dow

Fort Towsen, OK

(903) 249-4231


We are family owned and operated and BQA Certified! We offer quality, grain finished, commercial angus beef! We set ourselves apart in our husbandry and stockmanship. We keep our calves on a custom built feed ration for at least 120 days to finish them out right! Our goal is to develop a product that leaves our customers with satisfied appetites and a great overall experience!


DJ Horton Farm/Hoots Agri-Market

Jona Kay Squires

Lexington, OK 

(405) 203-7699


DJ Horton farms was started in 2003 by Jan and Dale Horton, The kids Dusty and Jenni Horton and Jona Kay Squires & Mark Squires along with their kids help to manage the current operation. The family farm is located East of Lexington and consist of 80 purebred and commercial Angus and Hereford cows. We sell ground hamburger at the local Norman Farmers Market along with selling year-round whole and halves. In addition, we also sell a few head of calves for the exhibition livestock industry for 4-H and FFA Members as well as a few herd bulls. We pride ourselves as family of agriculture educators and animal science livestock specialists to want to educate our customers about the stewardship of the land, management of the cattle operation, extensive knowledge of genomics, utilize artificial insemination and genetics to improve the herd. Through Hoots Agri-Market we sell our beef direct to the consumers and we bring them to the farm and invest in them to be a "Bougie Beef Consumer" who understands quality and yield grades of cattle. Our operation is expanding to include a beef cattle camp and veterinarian camp for youth to learn about the beef industry.


Rounds Cattle Company Ranch Raised Beef

Chelsie Rounds

Leedey, OK

(580) 488-3700

Our family runs a cow/calf & stocker operation in Leedey, Oklahoma. In addition to our ranch we also own and operate the local feed store in town, R&R Livestock Feeds, Inc. We have been selling our beef to consumers by the halves and wholes since 1981 and in 2022 started offering our beef by the retail cut in our store front at the feed store. We are proud to offer both options to consumers.

GWT (Great Western Trail) Beef

Todd Mason

Vici, OK

(580) 216-3472

Mobile beef unit setting up at trade shows and farmers markets. Delivery available through out the state. Quarters, halves, wholes and individual cuts. 


Sidwell distribution

Katie Whitfield

3101 S. Van Buren
Enid OK 73703

(817) 999-7777


Sidwell Distribution is located in Enid, Oklahoma; our goal is to provide distribution opportunities for Oklahoma Beef producers, providing high-quality beef for consumers across the state.


Happy Trails Ranch

La Vonda Lewis

Rush Springs, OK

(580) 678-0895

All Natural, Grassfed, Oklahoma Certified Beef. Farm to Table

Tipton Ranch meat co.

Tanner Tipton

Pocasset OK

(405) 808-5264

100% Tipton-Ranch raised beef. Pasture and grass raised, 120 day grain-finished, 14 day dry-aged. Family owned and operated. Sides of beef are available for sign up once a year. Beef Boxes are available year round, including individual cuts (dry-aged ground beef, roast, premium steaks, etc.)


Rossi Ranch LLC

Tony Rossi

Kinta, OK

(970) 640-3750


We started with the simple idea of providing our home grown, high quality beef, to your table for your families. Our cattle ranch in located in South Eastern Oklahoma. Tony and I, along with our three kids and Tony's Parents, live on, and operate Rossi Ranch LLC. We all believe in being honest and transparent about the products we provide. We believe in the value of loving what you do for a living. We strive to be the best stewards of the land as we can, and hold animal husbandry to the highest standards. We firmly believe by caring for the land and cattle they will provide for us. We are honored to be able to care for the animals that provide us with the best, most nutritious protein available.


Rocking TM Branded Beef, Llc

Tim McCullough

Allen, OK

(918) 671-8179

We are a family owned and operated farm to table beef operation. We sell retail cuts by the package and are approved to accept EBT/SNAP benefits.


Glazier Farms

Kyle & Sheri Glazier

Loyal, OK

(405) 368-7051


Glazier Farms Beef was born, raised, fed, and carefully cared for on our fifth generation farm in Loyal, Okla. All beef is grass fed, grain finished and dry aged for up to 21 days. We ship nationwide twice a month - the product we deliver to your front door is as premium as it is delicious. Additionally, locals can enjoy the short, 60 mile drive from OKC to pickup their beef order directly from our farm. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our family and the high-quality beef we raise for you and your family!


Martin Family beef

TJ Martin

Whitesboro, OK

(918) 413-5894

I have a small herd of Angus cross cows. I select calves from my herd to finish for shares of beef, that I advertise on my Facebook page and locally. I take orders year round and have a standing appointment with a local processor every quarter. 


4T Ranch

Connie Tabor

Agra, OK

(620) 762-0275


4T Ranch Beef is Oklahoma Certified Beef, bred, born, and raised on our ranch, and USDA processed in Oklahoma. We are a cow/calf operation and the calves born and raised on our ranch provide the beef we offer. We are BQA certified and keep detailed records on every animal from conception to finish. Our steers are pasture raised, grass fed, and grain finished. We provide a quality grain for consistent taste each and every time. We have been honored to be awarded the Peoples Choice for Best Beef in Oklahoma. Stop by the ranch and pick up individual cuts of beef right here on the ranch or purchase a quarter, half, or whole. Depending on your needs and space, we have what you need, when you need it.

Imhoff Cattle Co

Chad Imhoff

Sparks, OK

(405) 615-7955


We are a family that farms for a living north of Prague. OK. Our family has been farming here for 7 generations. We are passionate about being good stewards of the land, and providing great quality meat for our customers while we are at it. We run a 300 head operation of registered and commercial Angus, and keep back a limited number of beef every year for harvesting. Our steers are grass raised and grain finished at our farm, not a feedlot and are hormone & antibiotic free. We harvest our beef twice a year, every summer and fall. Currently we offer in halves and wholes only. Let us know if we can help stock your freezer from our farm!

D Bar Beef, LLC

Nichole Dorsey

Pryor, OK 

(918) 824-4450


D Bar Beef’s mission is to provide our local community and our nation with 100% American born and raised quality beef from our ranch to your table. We are family owned and operated ranch in NE Oklahoma. We value the importance of supplying quality beef that is sustainable, flavorful, and wholesome to our consumers. Our beef is born and raised on our ranch, processed on our ranch in our new processing facility, and sold to the consumer from our ranch. We raise Akaushi (Wagyu) cattle along with domestic breeds. 

We recognize the recent increase in demand for ‘farm fresh’ or ‘ranch fresh’ products. The Farm to Table or Farm to Fork movement is not just another trend; it is intended to change the culture around how we eat. We believe you should never have to settle when it comes to your beef. D Bar Beef provides that experience of consuming fresh beef directly from our ranch to your table.


T3 Meats, LLC

Scooter Teel

Blanchard OK

(405) 637-7385


T3 meats LLC is a family operated business located between Blanchard and Washington in the Dibble communities. T3 Meats has individual cuts and sides of beef for sale year round. Our beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility.


4C Ag Service, LLC

Vicki Cook

Jones, OK

(405) 990-7791


We offer Oklahoma Certified Beef from out veteran owned family farm. Our beef is grass fed grain finished. We sell beef off the farm, at several local farmers markets, restaurants and market hubs around the metro.


Smock Ranch

Bill Smock

Henryetta OK

(918) 932-7610

Gelbveigh and Balancer Cattle. Halves or whole by hanging weight. You pay processing.


Mulberry Cattle Company

Gary Dennis

Nowata, OK

(918) 766-2440


Gary & Tara Dennis have been farming and ranching their entire lives but have been custom feeding and selling beef for the last 16 years. Our herd consists of Black and Red Angus cattle crossed with Herford or Red /Black Angus bulls. Our herd is located in Pawnee, Washington, and Nowata counties. We have sold our beef over the past 15 years, to families in, OK, TX, KS, TN, and GA, under the Mulberry Cattle Co. brand. We still sell to our very first customer from 16 years ago. Our focus is to provide an extremely high- quality product that is consistent every year. Our cattle are Angus and Hereford based genetics. The start of any good product is genetics. We have built our herds over years to provide a very high-quality product. Our process starts with genetics, which translates to high quality calves being born. Those calves are raised on grass until they are approximately 12 months old and then they are finished on grass and grain for a minimum period of 120 days. We use a ration that was developed by our animal nutritionist that is extremely well rounded and contains NO Hormones or Antibiotics. After finishing, our cattle are taken to our processing facility in Nowata where they are then processed and hung for a minimum of 14 days. Finishing our cattle this way provides an extremely high quality, tender, flavor full, well marbled (Farm Fresh Beef) product to our customers. We have a strong passion to provide our customers with a quality product.



Sylvia DeWitt

Glencoe, OK

(405) 747-6262


We live on and operate DeWitt Ranch, our families Oklahoma Centennial Ranch in Payne County where the town of West Point once stood. Today we have 3 generations still living on the ranch and active in raising cattle and other livestock. Started in 1894 cattle have always been the main focus of the ranch. Selling fat cattle by the half or whole was very common but in 2019 we decided to bring our beef to the public. Our beef is pasture raised and grain finished, USDA inspected and vacuum packed. We still offer shares but also opened a store on the ranch and offer retail cuts. The store has evolved over the past couple of years and is now called the West Point General Store but beef is still our main focus. On Thursday evenings from 5 to 8pm, in the spring, summer and fall growing seasons, we host local farmers that bring in fresh fruits and vegetables and baked goods to sale. We also have food trucks every Thursday during that time and everyone enjoys eating al fresco and watching the sun set over the ranch. We encourage everyone to visit us on the ranch to see where their beef comes from, meet who is raising it and ask any questions they may have. We offer local delivery and shipping nationwide.


Destiny Ranch // Cornell Catlle Beef

Shari Cornell

Roff, OK

(580) 320-7073


We offer Oklahoma grown, grass fed and grain finished beef. It is both state and USDA inspected. Our beefs hang for 14 days then are cut and flash frozen to seal in freshness. We have a mobile beef trailer to sell out of, our schedule consist of times in Shawnee, Moore and Norman Oklahoma weekly as well as the option to pick up any week day at our office in Roff Oklahoma. Follow us on facebook (Cornell Cattle or Destiny Ranch) to see our specials!

roger mills

Tucker family beef

Monte & Danielle Tucker

Sweetwater, OK

(580) 374-5444


We are 4th generation, centennial farmers and ranchers with black angus cattle. We have been selling beef directly to consumers for over 20 years. Our USDA, 3rd party verified All-natural beef is born, raised, fed and processed in Western Oklahoma.


GWT (Great western trails) Beef

Todd Mason

Vici, OK 

(580) 216-3472

Mobile beef unit setting up at trade shows and farmers markets. Delivery available through out the state. Quarters, halves, wholes and individual cuts.