Sign up for the Oklahoma Beef Directory 

The Oklahoma Beef Directory is a list of Oklahoma beef farmers and ranchers who sell beef directly to consumers. This is a list targeted to OBC's followers - consumers who are looking to purchase beef easily, directly and quickly. If you meet these requirements, please sign up for the list using the form below. 

We want to share with you a project the Oklahoma Beef Council is taking on that will help you reach a wide consumer audience across the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Beef Directory will live on and will be promoted heavily on OBC’s social media channels to over 13,000 fans and followers. We invite you to be part of a new directory of direct beef sales. This directory will be uniquely designed to serve Oklahoma Beef Council’s online followers and other consumers who are searching online for a place to purchase beef locally. In order to meet these consumers’ needs, we have a few requirements for ranchers to be listed in our directly.   

Actively market beef online. The consumers OBC serves are very active online. We need to drive them to direct beef retailers that have a website, actively managed Facebook page, or beef shop hosted on a retail platform (i.e. shopify or square).   

Offer beef on a consistent basis. We want consumers to be able to purchase beef in a just-in-time manner (or as close as possible).   

Not disparage other types of beef production. We think it’s great to talk about how your beef is raised, but with funding from all Oklahoma’s beef farmers and ranchers, disparaging language that says one form of beef production is better than another is out.  For instance, “Our beef is raised more sustainably and humanely than beef in the grocery store because we....” would preclude entry on the directory.    

Use science-based marketing claims. The claims you make in your marketing must be backed by science and referenced by research.   

OBC has several ways to promote this new directory, helping Oklahoma consumers find you. OBC will:

  • Regularly post a link to the list on all OBC social media channels.
  • Place digital ads on Google Search targeting Oklahoma consumers who are looking to purchase local beef. 
  • Place a link to the directory prominently on
  • Place a link to the directory in our quarterly consumer newsletter.